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How it works

Automatic Mileage Tracking App

Install Mileage Tracking App

Switch from manual mileage logbooks to automatic mileage tracking app. Install, set account, drive.

Drive and classify

Drive and classify

Our unique, battery-friendly automatic driving detection knows when you're behind the wheels and records all drives. Classify manually or by work hours.

Generate reports for tax or reimbursement

Generate reports for tax or reimbursement

MyCarTracks maintains an accurate record of your mileage stored securely in the cloud. Easily download beautiful Log book reports.


MyCarTracks Automatic Mileage tracker

Automatically track

Forget about manual logging

MyCarTracks runs in the background, automatically detects when you're driving, and logs your mileage. An effortless mileage tracking app with multiple auto-tracking options allows you to decide when and how to track. We are crafting the auto-detection for more than 10 years to bring you an unbeatable battery-friendly solution to distinguish us from others and have a winning advantage for you.

MyCarTracks track classification


Easy classification

MyCarTracks app allows you to change the Business or Personal purpose anytime during the day or classify journeys later with a simple swipe. Work hours feature let you set up the hours of any day when tracks will be auto classified.

MyCarTracks Log Book CPM


Reports ready when needed

Your tax-compliant mileage reports are available anytime you need them. PDF or Excel reports that you can send to your employer or accountant. You can set up your own rates, leave us to handle up-to-date rates, or choose reports without reimbursement - it's you who decides. Use the web console for more advanced features.

Automate your mileage documentation


Need a solution for your team?
No problem!

MyCarTracks is designed mainly for fleets, therefore, we are a perfect solution if you have more vehicles that you want to track and create mileage reports.

Mileage tracker for Teams

Our customers love us, and we love them

"Perfect! I love this app, runs seamlessly in the background and records my trips near perfectly on my Galaxy Note3. Highly recommended. Also received helpful advice when needed from the developer. 5 stars!!"
- David Cann

"The best trip tracker ever It does what other trackers can't and it does it so well."
- Tumo Maokisa

"This is a great product and has very good support."
- Ken Rembold

Additional features that help you grow your business

Multiple vehicles support

Multiple vehicles support

Owning or driving more than one vehicle? We got you covered, base plan comes with 2 vehicles included.

Work Hours icon

Work Hours

Set up your business hours to automatically classify tracks or limit recording.

Full offline availability icon

Full offline availability

Data coverage is not a problem, app works offline and syncs when internet is available.

Mileage reimbursements icon

Mileage reimbursements

Ask your employee to reimburse your mileage based on real recorded journeys.

Shared Maps icon

Share your location

Your customers don't need to be left in the unknown. Let them know where the delivery is.

Log book icon

Log book

A standard log book or CPM reports with custom or government-defined rates that you can use for taxes and claiming the mileage deductions.

Proof of work done icon

Proof of work done

Prove that you made the work for your customer. With shareable maps and reports, you are covered.

Drive score icon

Drive score

Measure the quantity and quality of your driving behavior. See how you improve in time.

Track details icon

Tracks history & details

Travel back in time, check where you travelled directly on a map.



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  • Free forever
  • 2 weeks data history
  • 5 reports a month

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per plan

  • 2 years data history
  • 100 reports a month
  • 2 vehicles included

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$ 8 /year
per vehicle

  • unlimited data history
  • unlimited reports
  • enhanced features

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