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$ 0

$ 3.50

per plan per month

$ 8

per vehicle per month

Maximum vehicles in your fleet 2 2 unlimited
Data history stored in our cloud 2 weeks 2 years unlimited
Maximum report downloads per month (PDF, XLS) 5 100 unlimited
Mileage daily report (Log book)
Mileage reimbursement report
Stops report
+ enhanced features
Real-time fleet positions 14-days trial
Jobs dispatch
Geofences (POI, alerts, rewrites)
max. 2

max. 100

unlimited, incl. CSV import
RuuviTag integration (
Shared maps
+ own logo
+ own url
+ vehicles select
+ advanced settings
HERE maps (3 types), Mapbox maps (4 types)
Maintenance scheduling
Safety Drive score
Google Maps
Geofence Analytics
API acccess to all your data
Live traffic in Web application
Users, user roles (Plan sharing)
Shared Geofences and Geofence Analytics
Priority support
Add/remove vehicles on demand
Fleet setup with Magic link Email Email SMS & Email
App settings managed via Web application
Available payment cycle   6 months or yearly monthly or yearly

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Need custom features?

If you need features that are special and just for your business we offer also the ability to add features on your demand. In such case we will discuss in details what you need. You will get analysis and specification how this desired feature will work and the price for development of such feature. In this case you have to pay for desired features part upfront and part afterwards.